Short Term Bridging Finance

If you have a need for a Short Term Loan and need the funds quickly then we can provide funding for any legitimate purpose over loan terms ranging from 1 day to 24 months. Obtaining bridging finance is a simple process and loans can be secured on both Residential and Commercial Property Assets and Land / Development Sites. In some cases we can take other assets as security for the loan such as Luxury Cars, Art , Jewellery etc.

Some potential uses:

  • Buying a bargain property at ‘ Below Market Value ‘
  • Buy a property which is deemed ‘Un-mortgageable’and requires significant refurbishment.
  • Moving home before your current property is sold
  • Buying a property at auction and needing funds quickly to complete on the purchase
  • Raising cash to buy a Business , Purchase Stock or perhaps buy out a Business Partner
  • Raising cash to pay a Personal or Business Tax bill
  • Raising cash to stave off a repossession order

We can move very quickly giving an immediate decision. Funds can drawn down generally within a matter of days and our experienced team will assist with all the necessary administration and valuations in order to ensure a smooth process.

Bridging Finance Exit Plan

When arranging your bridging finance we will always establish an exit strategy. This could be looking at when property will be sold or a refinance package onto a longer term product. We can even work the refinance into the deal on day 1 so that you have the security and knowledge that a long term plan is in place.

As a lot of lenders have no exit fees on products we will look to build in some form of contingency into plan this could be for if works overrun or a delay in the sale for example. If you are also coming to end of your bridging finance don't worry we can also look at quick exit strategies whilst your longer term plan is put in place.

Quick Auction Finance

Bridging Finance works well for auction cases also. Finance can be put in place quickly meaning its easy to achieve the 28 day completion window that many auction houses have in there terms. We would always recommend speaking to us before going to auction so that we produce illustrations for your purchase based on your maximum bid and if necessary have decisions in principles ready to go so you know the funds are there just waiting for you.

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