Property Development / Refurbishment Loans

Property Development finance can take a number of different forms from a simple purchase, refurbishment, and sell/refinance or a more complex ground up development requiring purchase for land and then stage draw downs J&J Commercial Finance can create the lending solution you need to maximise you returns. We take the hassle of finding finance away from you so that you can concentrate on your project or find the next project.

If you are involved in the building industry or make a living from Property Development and refurbishment then the good news is that funds are available for profitable projects which fit criteria. Whether you are undertaking refurbishments, conversions or ground up development we can help to secure the finance you need for your project.

What do we need to support your application?

  • Details of the property/development
  • Schedule of works - outline of the works being undertaking and estimated costs
  • For larger developments CV from the applicants
  • Details of income, expenditure, assets and liabilities

Examples of how we have supported our clients

Bridging Finance - client undertakes refurbishment of property allowing for quick resale releasing the extra valuation in the property from the refurbishment. We work with the client to understand their needs and also look at contingency planning. With all our bridging finance we will look at a Plan B giving you the confidence in your project from Day 1 - we can also look additional funding for refurbishment works

Development Finance - If you have a piece of land with or without planning we can help with the Day 1 purchase of that land. We can then arrange the long term property development finance for the project, and will model various scenarios to give you the full range of options available. If phased sales of your development can help we will incorporate this into our modelling.

Conversion - If you're looking to convert residential into commercial, commercial to residential, HMO conversions or anything else we can help with the day 1 purchase as well as looking after the full project finance ensuring its structured in the best way for you.

Additional Support

image of builders on a construction site for webiste J&J Commercial Finance

Throughout your project we will be on hand to liaise with valuers/surveyors, solicitors and lenders giving you the piece of mind that your project funds will be looked after and released to you in a timely manner.

For free, expert advice to help secure funding for your development project please call us today or  submit an enquiry and we will contact you. Our advice is offered freely, in confidence and without obligation.

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