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What is Commercial Finance?

Commercial Finance is lending for businesses or business activities – in effect its lending that goes to a commercial entity rather than individuals. This could be funding for Limited Companies, Partnerships or Sole Traders and can range from business loans through to property mortgages. These can be short term products with terms over a few month up to longer terms products set over a number of years.

Why do businesses need Commercial Finance?

For businesses we are approached for two reasons

  1. Businesses that are looking to grow and need additional funding to realise their goals
  2. Businesses that may be struggling with cash flow and need some additional funds for working capital

For property purposes we are approached for property investors/developers looking to:

  1. Grow their portfolio
  2. Refinance their portfolio

With a number of new lenders in the market now its no longer the high street that dominate this space the alternative finance providers are continuing to develop their products and proposition to make them competitive against the high street lenders.

For Businesses what Commercial Finance options are available?

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There are a vast number of products available for business including

All come with different terms, rates and criteria. By working across a wide of products and lenders we can create a proposal for your business looking at a range of options enabling you to make an informed decision.

What options are available for Property Investors?

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Again with the emergence of alternative lenders there are so many options available for property finance

All with their own terms, criteria and rates – the options are endless with the number of lenders now in this market and this is where J&J Commercial can help to find the best solutions available for your deal. By understanding your goals and project we can work out the right lenders to approach and provide indicative terms for your project. Lenders will lend to individuals, Limited Companies, Partnerships, LLPs and are also open to supporting SPV’s.

Which option should I choose?

Each business and property deal is quite unique so what might be right for one client might not be the right option for another, by understanding each deal we can pull together the correct proposal for you, and it doesn’t stop there. We will work with you and lenders to help refine the deal and get the best possible outcome for you.

To help you secure the finance you need we offer a free consultation with every client – Book you appointment now

To give our clients peace of mind we are members of the NACFB and registered as Appointed representatives through the FCA.